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DSI Announces Partnership With Brother

DSI are proud to announce partnership with Brother that ensures the availability of Brother's line of Direct-to-Garment printer devices to Indonesian market.

The partnership between DSI and Brother allows DSI to act as a distributor for Brother's latest line of Direct-to-Garment printing devices, the Brother GT-3 series. This will allow potential customer to have access to Brother's line of Direct-to-Garment printers, which prints with better quality and faster speed with affordable price point.


Expand your business to include printing on darks with this modular garment and T-shirt printer with CMYK and up to 4 white print heads. Excellent for design checks and short print runs. Features Brother industrial print heads, allowing for up to 1200dpi printing for museum quality results.

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JHF is leading company for China’s industrial inkjet printer and digital inkjet printer. Gain your competitive advantage through quality and speed offered by our lines of JHF UV printer.


Eliminate your finishing bottleneck with our line of Fotoba X/Y cutters , the fastest X/Y cutter there is in the market right now. Cut 100 metres of media in times up to less than 15 minutes.

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ONE MACHINE, ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. Colex manufactures the most versatile Flatbed Cutter, known as the Sharpcut, which serves markets requiring automatic knife cutting, creasing and routing operations.

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With our lines of Lami laminating machines, be worry free of the consistency of laminating result. With the best all-round laminator, eliminate the bottleneck in your finishing line.

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